2 hand weapons

My comment concerns : Bows, Warhammer, Greatswords and Battleaxes (not staffs)

With Wolcen : Lord of mayhem
I played a lot 2 handed weapons builds, the unique "EDGY" was really a great weapon
in Bloodstorm
2 hand miss damage, it is slower than 1 hand weapon and the damages are lower
when I found a the Unique EDGY, I though I will be able to restart a 2H build, but not at all
The best example is the 1hand unique "Abolition Act", it is sooooo powerful that no 2hand weapon can interest anymore

Problably add, +200% physical damage on a 2H unique will be interesting (like "abolition act"), or increasing the basic damages, or add a very powerful 3rd basic attack ...

Same with bows, compared with pistols, no way to use a bow, when pistols are really faster and damages are really higher

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Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

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