Upping the cost of Abyssal Rift (to 30k gold +20k production) in order to bring it "in balance" with the Dark Market's Increase Reagent Rarity makes no sense and gives the impression that you're putting very little thought into your "balance" changes. Here's why:

Dark Market: Pay 30k gold and 20k production to get a GUARANTEED legendary reagent OF YOUR CHOOSING.

Abyssal Rift: Pay 30k gold and 20k production to get a CHANCE of getting a RANDOM legendary reagent.

These two rewards are not remotely the same and equalizing their costs is absurd.

Yes, the Dark Market requires you to provide a normal reagent, but these are plentiful and can be procured from the Dark Market for 10k gold and 2k production.

I get that this is a really minor thing considering all the fires you guys are trying to put out. Actually, that's part of what boggles my mind. Futzing around with your Seeker mission costs haphazardly while so many things need to be fixed? But so obviously bungling it in the process?


(posted this here because there's no reasonable place to post it with the crafting forum being disabled)

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Old post, but so spot on. Decisions like this mane me wonder how they were able to get this far at all. Almost seems like somebody else built it and they are trying to reverse engineer it and failing. Their patches and changes over the last year have been extremely weak, I've seen a single dev make more progress in weeks. I think they need someone on their team with organizational and planning skills, someone to help focus their efforts and keep them on task. They have something here that could become the face of the genre if they'd just get their act together.

Created: 1 year ago

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