Uniques that change skills around

Hi Wolcen,

Unique items should make your character feel super unique so I would love if you made some that actually changed Skills and Spells in the game.

For example a catalyst that makes your zombies resurrect themselves and get % bigger/stronger/tougher with each resurrection (with a stack limit) and when they die after the stack limit (lets say 5), you then have to resummon them.

Zombies are so weak, I hate using them because you're spamming the skill to summon them constantly.

A better and more badass suggestion. Add a new equipment slot for a charm. These charms can be quite rare and will be uniques. Since there is only 1 slot, you can only have 1 charm at a time. And it's these charms that make the changes to a skill. This way you can't just stack several OP skill changing uniques, you can only have 1 charm that makes cool changes to a skill. You can start with 1 charm per skill/spell. These charms can make a cool change to your skill, but have a slight drawback. For example my Zombie resurrection idea, do that in a charm and the drawback is it only works for 1 zombie skill (that is in skill slot 1).

This can balanced to not make the skill OP, but viable/different/fun.

Thanks and I hope you consider this.

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Created: 1 year, 11 months ago

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very good proposal

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Created: 1 year, 11 months ago

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