Should Dagger skills be changed

An interesting thought occurred to me when looking at itemization for 1h weapons. Daggers seem to have all the itemization options that other 1h weapons do, yet at the same time they are open to a variety of other skills that other 1h weapons don't have access to, such as Havoc Orb and Phantom Blades

So is there some specific limitation on daggers that balancxes this out? It doesn't seem to be anything regarding stats or damage...I can get daggers with stats and damage as good as other 1h weapons. which all adds up to daggers simply being the "better" 1h weapon outside of specific situations (such as uniques).

If this is the case, perhaps we should look at either limiting daggers via damage or stats, or making the "dagger" skills 1h skills instead? Or perhaps keep the dagger skills as they are, reduce the dagger damage potential, but increase the damage of dagger specific skills.

The last option feels like the more balanced and interesting approach. That way daggers can still DO melee skills, but they're damage will suffer compared to a 1h sword or axes (which makes sense logically). But with dagger skills the damage potential is greater then it currently is, making those skills specifically potent with daggers.

This could also help bows since they seem to be in a bad spot overall for skill use (the best guide I've seen so far for a bow user is one revolving around default attack, go figure). And pistols seem to need a nerf anyways, so they could go through the same process as the daggers...less damage on the pistols, but the pistol skills see a greater bonus on the skills themselves.

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Created: 3 years, 12 months ago

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A lot will change at the release for many weapons and skills in terms of balancing and possibilities :) Thank you for your feedback!

Created: 3 years, 11 months ago

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