All shoulders and armguards but the " sorcerer class" shoulders and armguards can roll attackspeed,
Sorceres can not roll attackspeed

Only "sorcerer class" shoulders and armguards can roll castspeed
the others can not roll castspeed

If this is intended like this, it makes the variety of builds smaller, because right now i wanne switch all my characters gear from "srocerer class gear" into anything with hp allresi but if i do so, i will lose 4 times castspeed modifier, on both shoulders and armguards.

what do u think, or am i even wrong?
for me it would be perfectly fine if all shoulders and armguards hat 1 potential stat more 2 roll, like right now Resi/Resi/Resi/Aspd into Resi/Resi/Resi/Aspd/Cspd but like always choosing 3-4(rare)4-6 (legendary).
This change would give birth to a big number off builds, because right now if u wanne play a dagger roque with BIG forceshield, u roll with castspeed bro

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Created: 3 years, 3 months ago

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