Unique and legendary gear

Make unique gear be able to put gems, that will make unique gear more viable.

Also make unique gear do more then what they give, for example: Changing an ability of the person's choosing. to have high cool down, but increase damage by 30%. and giving that ability that was changed, to launch an extra projectile with no cost to rage or willpower.

And this should be random meaning, someone could have the same unique sword. One gives this extra thing, and the other does not. Or the other same sword the person has, gives something different, all random.

Other things you can put on unique gear, you know the node that says you can do an extra ailment. Randomly unique gear could have, you can do a third ailment. Again random, it can or can't drop with this.

Think random that is the key, also make unique gear have 7 to 10 stats. Again random. So someone can have two of the same unique sword, with one having only 7 blue stats. And the other 8 or 9 or 10 blue stats on it.

Drop rates:

Unique gear drop way to often, nerf the drop rate.

For legendary gear:

The only thing for legendary gear that needs changing, legendary's drop way to often. Nerf the drop rate a tad bit.

So nerf the drop rate of legendary's a tad bit, and unique gear nerf the drop rate more then legendary gear.

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Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

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You must either be very lucky or just drunk. Drop rates are completely fine, if I do lets say two hours of 187 runs with mods etc I get around 2-3 legendary so approximately 1-2 legendarys every hour and i rarely find and uniques.

So yeah, according to me drop rates are completely fine.

Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

Running 166 atm as cannot get a decent weapon Grrrrrr and I get maybe 1 legendary every other run, uniques are just that maybe 1 in 5 hours if lucky.

Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

I have played 185 hours of gameplay now and I find the Unique items very underwhelming, aside from not having sockets, though some such as Dominion (Staff) and Rigard's Hope (Two-handed Sword) have sockets. Having said those, I still use them as part of my builds just because of my preference of role-playing. Maybe one way to make Unique items to be more sought after by players is that developers can make an exclusive crafting system for Uniques, like being able to combine Uniques of the same name to make their affixes get higher since Unique items with same name always have the same affixes but the figures are not that impressive and having multiple Uniques of the same name is very possible, and we can also combine 2 same Uniques maybe like 10 times or whatever, but it should have a limit; also being able to combine 2 different Uniques which can transform into a totally different Unique item with combined name or affixes such as Envy's Denial and Vanity's Plea both are One-handed Swords which can become a Two-handed Sword or another One-handed Sword but having the combined affixes of both Uniques, and also having a chance for it to transform into a completely different Unique without any remnants of the Unique materials used, moreover, having to combine two same/different Uniques should require additional Unique class material like Mythril (not actual item in the game) or Soul Stone (not actual item in the game), and another material which can increase or decrease the chance of turning the items into a completely different item or their expected outcome (having combined affixes) which can be acquired through a specific gameplay or boss drop chance, like some sort of recipe. I know some players if not most players like me wants to create a build which revolves involving 1 or more Unique items, not just to have a collection of them like a trophy, rather Uniques should be treated as the cream of the crop type of items wherein players should strive in acquiring one and making it more powerful by acquiring more Uniques and being able to build a character which can feature and showcase the power and uniqueness of Unique items, and to make this possible, I think larger storage and maybe having higher than 5 storages is needed for collecting materials for Unique crafting, lastly, maybe some sort of items to add affixes to enhance damage or enable runes of a specific skill without using points, or other Uniques like the Unique Belt The Trial which enables having the skill Mark of Impurity to activate through certain conditions without having to put it in the limited skill slots. I hope this idea of mine can reach the developers. I love playing the game and I know that the developers are doing their best to improve the game for players to play it more enjoyable and I'm looking forward to the bright future of this game.

Thank you.

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Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

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