[Unique items IDEA] New idea for make them better.


Mostly unique items are not playabale in end-game but some of them yes. What i dont understand in unique items is why some of them dont have 5-6 magic effects . Unique items is in next tier after legendaries to they should have something special where players will play non stop to farm them and get them.

My Suggestion :
- Create in unique items 4 magic effects which ones cannot be change because they are pernamntly there in items . Only like it is now the number of statistic is change to we can farm to get maximum statistics.
- You can add 2 -3 magic effects which ones coming in random but can have up to 30% better maximum stats than in legendaries.
- In all unique items you can make sockets but for re-roll colours player have to special orbs and with this he can re-roll . Another option player can put this item in Champion stormhall for re-roll colours and pay for it. Same thing like you have example. Transmute items, Increase quality or rarity.
- Some of unique items can get magic options +1 to sockets gems.

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Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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Those are great ideas, I would add that like "increase rarity" or "increase quality" with Mohaby in Champion of stormfall mode, It should be great to have Increase Level of an item
For example with a unique Item it would help keeping it longer

Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

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