Unique Thirst needs rework.

It's really bad and there is no point to use it.

How about removing all stats from it and giving it 3. buffs.

  1. You gain stack after attack/spell that increase atack/spell cast by 20%. Stack last 2 second so you need to keep on casting atacks/spells to get more stacks. It would allso increase cost of atacks/spells by 2% per stack.
  2. +1 Pierce to all Projectiles
  3. +7% movement speed.

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Created: 2 years, 4 months ago

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Hi pR8!

Most unique items are not made to be viable late game over high tier, perfectly rolled legendaries. Thirst can be used during campaign if you get lucky enough to loot one.

Regarding your suggestion, this will still be way less viable than any legendary amulet with 3 "damage added to attacks" lines and +40% material damage. We do appreciate the suggestion, though!

Have a great day. :)

Created: 2 years, 4 months ago

I was thinking about something that could support more range classes which need more love from devs. When it comes to power of my solution what i had in mind was synergy with "Wintry Hail" passive from White Arrow skill tree which would result on fast casting a lot of projectiles that pierce and bounce from enemies. I wonder would it be really worse than perfectly crafted legendary.

Also it would be usefull at low level but not to OP becasuse low lvls players have less rage/willpower and it would take time to have acces to tier 3 skill tree.

I hope you change your mind because it may be as you said to be good luck to find this item at low lvls but if your idea of Unique is a item with only some stats on it then it isn't Unique.

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Created: 2 years, 4 months ago

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