What has to be done for this game?

I am not sure, if any developer will ever read the feedback forum, but I'll give it a try

As the title suggest, here are my ideas for the developers to increase the game feeling:

Diversity Items:
There should be no items which are beyond broken. There is a unique names "The trial". Serious, what is the idea behind it?
It is the only item, which gives you effectively a 6th skill, what is not bad by definition. But this 6th skill has not to be played, it is an on-hit trigger. There is nothing in comparision to that. In addition, this skill pushes your damage massive. More damage, a bonus ailment, spreading about the enemies and so on. All together in a single item.
Sorry guys, that is beyond broken.
I like the idea, but you should
- remove the mechanic at all or
- add more items with on hit effect. Would be funny, to create an anomaly on each hit opponent for CC or what else

Diversity Nodes:
Nodes which are busted and overpowered should be become focus on the balancing tasks
To get a damage buff for every opponent killed while an ailment was on the opponent is great. But serious, for every ailment? Up to 70% damage buff?
Even when you ar not able to keep all 7 ailments permanent on 10 stacks, this is from its potential itself quiet inbalanced to all other nodes. Not mentioned, the the unique belt above gives you 10 stacks permanently for free.
So you could nerf the node or even better give other mechanics the same potential.
May be a node, which buffs you for killing sprees. Like every x killed enemies, you get 1 stack and keeps it up, until you are not killing for x seconds.

Why has every weapon physical damage?
This empowers material damage heavily, because you do not need to invest skill points to transform physical damage into elemental or occult damage.
Elemental and occult builds would be more competable, when weapons with base damage type of elemental and occult are existent.

This is the most frustrating part of the game. The movement and skill activations feels to clunky.
- Sometimes the skills work but mostly it feels like lagging (with 20ms ping). You can spam a skill and nothing happens. For example, when I wanna use aether jump by pressing Button "1", then it should work as intended and not 2 seconds later. Before someone tells me something about willpower, I have enough will power, and the skill was not on cooldown.
- Same for all other skills, it feels bad and that is no goodn gameplay at all.
- Pathfinding is strange, when I jump or dodge away, my character often moves to its old location. Come on, what is that?
- Opponents with unvulnerability also destroys the gameplay. I don't know the exact name of the mob, it is the one who stands still and circle his staff above his head while some littlte lightning pulses are spread. He may be invulnerable while he is channeling the skill, would be fine. But there were several times I had to kite him through the hole dungeon until he started to receive damage again. That is killing the motivation
- inventory bugs too often. Several times, an item is not selectable any more in the inventory stash. when that happens, all other items gets bugged as well. Only possible solution at the moment: finish your run, exit the game and restart it

So I am done with the game. There are too many games available which are not so frustrating.
May be, I will give Wolcen another try again, when there is a balance and stability patch.

C ya all and stay safe :)

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Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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As i was never able to get the trial i can not say everything about it. From what i understand it marks every enemy on hit with the basic skill. But non of the mods, right? Speaking of the mark... in a post i made earlier this week i complain about lacking skill information. There is not a single node which tell us how high is the %dmg boost on marked enemies. Another thing i miss is the information if you still need to have the mark-skill or not. In the case that you need it i expect that all of my mods are applying to enemies. If you dont need to equip the skill i expect only the basic skill.

Ailment nodes. Yes there are powerfull. I dont have the exact text in my head, but are you calculating correctly? You say 7 ailment stacks at 10 gives you 70%... isnt it 700%? Sure, its even more busted but thats the way these builds work.
I used to have a ailment build but now i am running an autoattck build which is stronger without any ailment stack.

Weapons. Agree. Not every weapon needs to have phys-dmg. Many builds i tested are simply based on materialdmg. I would like to see a little variety here.

Gameplay. Yes.. for me its the most important thing and should be your #1 on this list. I like the detailed animation of my character kneeing down to cast bullwark.... but i wish that some speels become instant spells. The delay by casting bullwark or etherjump is way to often to long and causes many of my deaths. In addition - bullwark needs a little time to give you HP back, so its even more delayed.

Created: 3 years, 5 months ago

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