Wrath of Sarisel Mode and rewards


First I would say a big thanks to the Wolcen Team, you work so great, I love play this game and I'm sure it will be a huge one at release !

This topics is about rewards in Wrath of Sarisel Mode.
As I understand there is specific item that you can't find anywhere else in this mod.
I love this idea, but I really have the feelings this is not worth it at all to play this mod regarding the rewards at the end of the run.
Indeed I did 2 or 3 runs in this mod (maybe it's not enough, that why I'll try to do more of them) and I never get any legendary/unique even if the level of the monster was High (level 35 I think).
So I favor the normal mod, which is easier regarding Sarisel monsters, because I have, in my opinion, better chances to get loot.

Am I wrong ? Are you aware of this ?
Here is something planned to resolve this ?

Thanks in advance for considering my message :)


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There aren't items that you can only obtain elsewhere, AFAIK. In WoS mode you can get items with affixes that are exclusive for that mode, like a pistol that allow you to cast a melee skill (like Shout, Anvil's Woe, Warpath, etc.) or staff spell (like Tear, Winter's Grasp, Consuming Embers, etc.), helms that allow you to block with any weapon, etc.
Also, if you die, you won't get any legendaries, IIRC. The most effective way to farm it is to do a vet+1 or vet+2 run in under 2 minutes (since Adpet can give items bellow level 20). That's what I do. But, in order to do it, you have to get some good gear, so, if you can do a WoS run in vet+1 under 2 min, just continue farming normal expeditions until you get gear that allows you to achieve that goal. After that, you run WoS until you get gear that fit your playstile.

Created: 3 years ago

Some of the most powerful items can be found in WoS mode, however, you will rarely find uniques since they can only drop in the chest at the end, and not as a Sarisel reward (since these rewards only include items with PST or weapons with skill affixes). You'll have more chances to have unique items and legendaries in quantity in a classic Expedition.

Created: 3 years ago

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