Wrath of sarisel? More endgame stuff later?

What is the point in this mode? Is it just to test your build to the limit?
Since good loot do not exist in this mode, you get better loot just running normal expeditions. Have done alot wrath runs to see if i got anything of use in this mode, but have only got rare items in it, wich we get in plenty anyway.
Do we get other end game stuff at some point, it gets boring really fast doing these same runs over and over again. With around 160 -200 magic find I barely ever see any unique drops, even legendary drops are very rare aswell.
I dont feel any progression by this endgame system. All the legendary items I have is from back in time where they did drop more wich mean they are all low level items. The legendary gear I use is made via black market upgrading rare items. Its kinda sad that this is the way we want to gear up in this game.
What I also mean when i say it gets boring is also I have been running expedition for for 6-8 hours everyday since last patch, and only got 4-5 unique wich I have no use for. Maybe make a city option in black market to roll and unique to another unique, like when we upgrade rare items. I have been looking for a few items and never get them, this could be an option, and still it would not be easy since it could take alot attempts to get the item you want. But it should be 100% level 60 item.
But the sum of this thread is I dont feel it like loot hunt, since the "good loot" barely exist.
Thats why I ask for other ways to also try to get some of it.

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Created: 2 years, 3 months ago

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Hi johnbpoulsen77!

Actually, Sarisel gives you the opportunity of getting items that are specific to this mode, with unique affixes that you cannot have when running normal expeditions (ie : +1 pierce, allowing the use of a certain spell...)

There will be more end game content in the future, we explained our plans in our latest threads in the "Announcements" tab. :)

Created: 2 years, 3 months ago

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