About the relative strength and generality of PST nodes


I believe that the relative strength and generality of PST nodes are in reverse order. Easier to get nodes should give general albeit very weak bonuses. Conversely harder to reach nodes should give specific and powerful bonuses. However this is not the case as of now.

For example, if you are using daggers, you can easily grab a +80% damage bonus on Havoc Orb just from the two entry nodes of the Sentinel class. However compared to that, the hard to reach nodes of the Ranger class offer very weak bonuses (like the two nodes near Archion's Teachings).

A player should have the motivation to go deeper and further into the PST. Hard to reach nodes should offer powerful, relevant and specific bonuses. Easily accessible nodes should give more general, varied and weak bonuses in contrast.

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Created: 4 years, 5 months ago

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts Yelje :)

Since Wolcen is a classless game and hybrids might need to spread a lot on the skill tree, it makes sense that some strong nodes are easily accessible. However, going deeper in the PST allows players to look for super-specialized nodes for classic archetypes, so hybrids are not as powerful as archetypes in their area, but can still be very interesting to play without being forced to dig too far. We'll keep that in mind any way when it comes to the balancing with the third wheel :)

Created: 4 years, 5 months ago

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