Academic Fieldwork

I know someone posted briefly about this item somewhere, but the skill talks about getting points for killing "Champion" monsters, but I think exactly what monsters fall into that class is hard to figure out on your own. Adding a one word description to all champion monsters so that it says champion on them would help a lot. From what I have found: it is basically all of the enemies can end up as expedition bosses.

What complicates figuring this out further is that when you have the buff, it appears as a small icon above your potions. This is different from Static Transferral or Branded Burst which have their own counters. Getting all of these skill counters to look and function the same would be nice for consistency.

The good news is that it definitely is working! Also, the skill appears to be providing a multiplicative damage bonus instead of additive (like all other nodes that I know of) is this intended? I checked because when I got the buff I took my damage, then stood still and waited until the buff fell off and got the new number, then did the math. I ended up with a 14% increase (it lists 15%) and I am fairly certain no other buffs were affecting it. If it IS intended as multiplicative of all material damage, it would be nice if you updated the tootip to say "+15% material damage added to base" or something like that.

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if u say its multiplicative then it may be worth a try, i will test it

Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

Bah. Scratch that. sorry besty. I just tried it again and it is coming out to be 1.45% damage increase per which is what 15% material normally would for my character. I guess when I tried it before it was using the buff from Intravenous Neural Cord (75% attack speed score). I did see the larger number this time when the buff was active, but it fell off after a couple of seconds like ti was supposed to (I think last time it just wasn't falling off). : /

Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

thanks for the update, ive had hopes something new will be in use ; )

generally this node needs to be reworked, because nobody is using it right now, or dmg buff or lowering monster tier to activate it

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Created: 2 years, 7 months ago

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