Dome Shield, it's not fun.

Any one of you who has reached endgame and played a ranged build at least once knows how infuriating this ability is.

An easy 2min run turns into a 10min fight and some builds (i.e summoners who struggle to place minions inside the dome) can't even do the fight without boring themselves to death. It is factually more efficient to leave the expedition, wasting your time and resources, then praying to the RNG gods you don't encounter the same situation... which unfortunately I am either terribly unlucky or it happens quite often.

To a lesser degree, biomes (desert and templar's sanctum) where said ability is innate to some of the enemies while manageable there are situations where the shields stack on top of each other and if you're not a melee character you're better off running away because you either die or waste your time.

There are other games out there with the same mechanic and they're widely hated by the playerbase... there really is no need to go down the same route, much less aggravate it by giving bosses said mechanic that effectively punishes so many player because their gameplay of choice happens to be ineffective against it. We play games to have fun, not to waste our time just because there's an ability out there specifically designed to punish a certain type of build.

I am not asking to remove it, I believe this ability has it's place but it simply can't stay the way it is. For starters, bosses should NEVER have access to it and it can't be so common as to stack on top of each other (specially in narrow corridors like the templar's sanctum) for obvious reasons.

TLDR: Dome Shield bad pls nerf.

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Created: 2 years ago

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I just want to say that I agree with the OP here. Shield Dome should be looked at.

Created: 2 years ago

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