Eos skill Unflagging Prayer

To Whom it may concern:

Dear Wolcen Team let me just start by saying that i enjoy your game very much so.... however.... I am a bit confused with this passive skill called Unflagging Prayer in the Eos skill spec.... You see i play a lot of 4 man co op and mainly as a tank sup character.... now as any good support i would like to rev my fallen allies and when i saw a skill, aka Unflagging Prayer, that says When your Health is below 20% you make a Prayer, giving a buff to the All Resistances Score of your allies for a few seconds and reviving downed allies. This ability has a large cooldown.
All Nearby Allies are Resurrected when your Health drops below 30% of maximum
All Nearby Allies gain 30% boost to All Resistances Score when Allies are resurrected i thought omg perfect..... but the thing is it either
a) flat out does not work
b)Does not work as intended as i could not rev my allies ..... maybe i have it wrong but whats your definition on downed allies? is it dead or dying... if it dying then i am disapointed and would highly recommend you change that.... to either rev in both states or just the dead allies.

To wolcen team again i thank you for a fun game but please make a sup champ viable

good luck and good gaming

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Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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