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Pour ma part, même si je trouve que la roue des destins est plutôt bien pensée il serait pas mal d'intégrer une fonction recherche par mots clés; tout comme pour l'inventaire.

Restez chez vous et bon jeu

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Created: 4 years ago

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If Google translated this correctly it means:
For my part, even if I find that the wheel of destinies is rather well thought out, it would not be bad to integrate a search function by keywords; just like the inventory.

I agree completely and I think someone else posed this idea a little while back, but I can't remember for sure.

Created: 4 years ago

That's something we're currently working on, it's part of the Second Dawn Quality of Life content that we will be adding.

Created: 4 years ago

Have all the respect for the work you done and the problems you try to resolve but if you don't start answering on forums regarding game issues people will assume you don't give a shit about the feedback they provide and leave the game. All the friends i had on my list went dead for more than a week, this is slowly dying if you don't take action.

Created: 4 years ago

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