Headhunter keystone doesn't fullfill its role suggestions on how to fix it

This node at the same issue since release. Even with decent mobility it is too clunky. The major issue is that it doesn't stack on elite pack kills. It means that during dungeon, you spend more time without any stacks than with stacks while moving reasonnably fast, sometimes clearing efficiently a floor without gaining any buff and loosing your buff from floor boss while selling stuff ^^'. There is nothing fun around investing in situationnal skills considering how a notable elsewhere can impact you positively. It is very strong funnily on wealth omens and that's pretty much it.

Possible fixes:
1) Fix dungeon generation having in mind that players would be able to keep, stack and refresh their buff moving at an appropriate speed
2) Make it so there is more stacks with less buff per stack, and make notable enemies that were not stacking the buff like specialists stack it
3) Probably make elite packs(skull packs) give a buff stack as well

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Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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