Hybrid builds - (Duskglaive node) "Lifes first movement"

Instead of introducing a new resource (lure points) make the damage bonus / malus dependent on the rage/willpower ratio. If 50 / 50 - damage bonus. If 100 / 0 or 0 / 100 - penalty (or just dont give a bonus).

While playing a hybrid, i mainly watch on on the resource bar and with a second eye on the rest of the screen. I simply dont have the time to manage another resource e.g in boss fights, yet to balance it to keep it in line with rage / willpower costs of the spells / attacks.
By the suggested approach you would make the node directly dependent on a resource, which you already has to be actively managed as a hybrid. That way, it would simplify the managment and also choices of items and skill-nodes.

Ps.: Also this doesnt belong in this thread, i just want to mention, that staring at 0,5% of a 4k-screen (rage/willpower bar) is tedious and annoying. Especially if you have a game using the cry-engine. Allow the users to make use of it by giving permission to modify the UI. Either via mods or ingame.

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Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

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