my thoughts on the passive nodes

servus! shef here!
they have given us the name of the different classes and one major node example for all the different areas
so i wanted to share my thoughts on those maybe this is usefull to someone!

first one is called child of fury
and the node states
when hitting an enemy that is burning, hits will have a chance to consume the burn stacks and deal x% damage bonus

this will be interesting for ailment builds currently burn isnt working with immortal offering so i hope they fix that
i wonder if it will scale with the amount of stacks but this will push the ailment build even higher
few months ago i always thought ailment builds are not viable but now that ive done a build on it i realised its quite
strong definitly one of the top tier builds

next one arms maester

with the node counter attack on block dealing x% of your weapon damage
i wonder if this will scale with residual energy and all other damage increases if yes this will hope fully make
the tank build ive done viable is currently the weakesd one out of all builds the next node will also work great with tanks

in the siegebreaker with the node

while stationary gain a stack of fortress evry x seconds
each giving - move speed and + damage
moving will remove stacks over time

depending on scaling this will definitly increase the viabilty of tanks
i dont think this will be used for dps builds since of the decrease of speed gotta be carefull tho with the scaling
if they make this to powerfull i would just sit infront of the boss not agroing him and just wait for the stacks to build up
and start shooting him from afar i also wonder if using movement spells like aether jump and wings of ishmir are going to
remove a stack if not its gonna be OP

next one EOS

when your health reaches 20% or lower pray
giving alies all res bonus for x seconds and raise them if they are down
has x cooldown
the way i read this it will only affect alies, im not sure if i would pick this up if its not affecting me
also it looks like it adds flat res not a score which would be stronger then an increase in score since
if you are the tank your alies shouldnt realy have res score anyways

moving on
the node that excites me the most from the oracle of the trinity class

when using a lightning, fire or frost skill get a chance to either launch a lighting strik, fire meteor, or frost lance
depending on which element the skill has
the way its phrased this should also work with converted skills for example bleeding edge into fire
since thunder strike with the shadow convertion is considerd a shadow skill
the mystery tho is how those spells will scale
a huge buff for mage tho for sure

next one plaguebringer
focused around minions with the node example

lose x% of your health/force shield and your minons take less damage

there have no summoner skills been revealed yet so its difficult to evaluate this one
i would imagine this redirects damage dealt to your minions to yourself, if minions also have damage reduction and
if it then gets reduced from your resistences aswell it shouldnt be to bad but we will see

next class abyssal herald
with an ailment node

every ailment you inflict gets aplied to you aswell but when you reach 10 stacks remove the corresponding ailment
you and alies gain a buff depending on the ailment

stasis gives increase move speed for x amount of seconds decent

curse +X% all resistance for x amount of seconds this does not say resistance score so this seems incredibly strong

weakness +x% damage for x seconds really good for my ailment build

other ones burn shock bleed poison restore flat x health and force shield those are kinda meh

its extremly easy to aply 10 stacks at once per proc on an ailment so currently the downside is not coming into play

time weaver

when hitting an enemy affected by statis after x amount of seconds deal x% of that hit again to the target
holy moses imagine that with the gunslingersbrand build with the aether converstion


with the node
when using the active dodge automaticly attack everbody in the path and leave a decoy
hmm not sure if this will be usefull depending on the scaling on it we have quite a few nodes working with dodging and
stamina points as it is right now it seems kinda weak but who knowes what other passives we will get with it

next alastor

auto attacking gives a charge of focus increasing damage, when using a skill double the bonus and remove every charge
maybe then i will finaly use my autoattacks they gonna need way more then that tho
currently i dont have a single build that uses autoattacks

white arrow

projectiles from auto attacks gain 1 bounce with additional frost damage
also another auto attack node but only for projectiles
seems also kinda weak maybe we will get uniques comboing with that aswell

and last exorcist

you have 5 bullets replenishing evry x seconds or when using an active dodge

for every active bullet gain x% projectile damage
and every inactive bullet gives x% melee damage

i asume you spend those bullets when using ranged attacks or skills
if we get more nodes like that hybrid builds of range and melee would seem appealing but its gonna need more than this one node

and thats the last one as with all of these of course we dont know how they gonna turn out since we only know one node from all the
different classes and we also dont know what skills, modifiers, and uniques will be added.

overall most of them will change the gameplay quite heavily and i personaly am super excited for all the different scaling
and how they work with each other cant wait to get building!
but yeah these are my thoughts on what we got reveald so far hope you enjoy and its usefull so my perspective on these changes!


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