Passives not working after relog

The last "hotfix" introduced some pretty serious and very annoying bugs like restarting the game resets your offline city progress which doesn't affect me so much as I play online nowdays and have backups of my offline saves but nevertheless it's a ridiculously serious bug.

What annoys me most is that there are a number of passive nodes that stop working after relogging unless you spend affinity to reassign the nodes. The ones that are pretty apparently not working are Immortal Offering and Blessed Silver. Immortal Offering doesn't give you the buff after relogging, Blessed Silver seemingly works, you get the Annointed Ammunitions points but they provide no damage bonus.

Reassigning the nodes fixes them but I wonder if there are multiple nodes with this problem how we can be sure what works after relog and what doesnt. Should I just recreate my whole tree after each login just to be sure? I thought we're not in Alpha anymore.

It's been almost a year since release and the passive tree is still a mess. Less of a mess than it used to be on release but still a mess. There are still some nodes that have the same text and the same values but one of them does completely different thing than the other. Prime example is Chemically Empowered Metabolism in Sentinel. It's your generic +5% maximum Health/+10% Health Regeneration node, however this one doesn't increase your Health Regeneration by 10% but rather increases Health Regeneration by 10% of your maximum Health which is kind of broken.

Get some testers that can actually play and understand your game or you'll never fix this mess.

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Created: 3 years, 6 months ago

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