Saveable skilltree!

Like the Title says,we need a option to save our skilltree ingame!
now we have 38 points to spend....but i guess at launch it will be at least 90 points for every lvl 1 point?if that is the case...With so much varraity how u can play your Character it is neccesary to change your build as fast and easy as possible.

for theory crafting it is also important that you can delete skillpoint by skillpoint and not only the hole tree and start from the beginning.

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Created: 2 months ago

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I just finished creating my forum account to suggest this. Playing with friends i just created a new character to try out spell casting because its easier. Also being able to save a few gear builds as part of your player stash will make switching a lot quicker.

Created: 2 months ago

First of all thank you guys for making one of the best skill tree mechanisms on the gaming market at the moment.
For further improvements i totally agree to Etzekiels suggestion on the possibility to change single points of the skill tree rather than having to start from the first point every time you just want to do minor changes.
Additionally i would really love the possibility to save several skill trees and reactivate them with one click so you are a little more flexible and faster in e.g. switching roles or playstyles.

All the best

Created: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

This is a must, I gave up after 2 respec because I didn't want to take notes of everything.

Created: 1 month, 1 week ago

I just got the game, and I can see this being needed and I'm sure it will be implemented atsome point if people are meant to change builds quickly, etc.... but just as a thought until that happens... just take a screenshot of your passive tree for each build you want to save. shouldn't be that difficult to redo it by referencing your screenshot.

Created: 1 week, 1 day ago

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