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Hello, deer Devs!
Please. Put the Attribute Detail window in Skill tree window. Like I show in this picture. (
This will give us good overview over skills and a good tool to see how our builds work. Also, please add a button or something to reset certain skill points, or skill circle at least, so we didn't have to reset whole tree. Or give us some save opportunities - Skill tree 1, Skill tree 2,....e.c
That would grately improve our testing capabilities.

Thank you very much.

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Having the character sheet details in the Gate of Fates window is something that we would like to do, however I can't confirm if this will be available at the release or as a QoL improvement in a later patch for the moment.
Regarding the respec, it's a bit more complicated but that's something that we will work on as well.

Created: 4 years, 6 months ago

My initial thought as to the respec would be to simply give us the option to respec any or all of our points for the cost of 2000. it would simply act like it currently does, i.e. I can respec points and move them around as much as I want until I confirm, but it would simply not reset all the points. This would at least be a midway until a better solution crops up. Personally, I would rather have that option, even if I only shift a few points, then having them all reset and have to try and remember where I placed them.

Cost would be the same (it's pretty cheap right now anyways), but at least it wouldn't erase all our progress....can't tell you how many times I've had to respec again because I missed a few important points along a path A when I was respeccing to adjust path B in the first place.

Oh and we dearly need a respec button in the passive window. It's a bit odd to have to open the character screen where the stats are to reset my passive points, then go to the passive window. Not a deal breaker, but needed QoL.On that note, having 2 buttons, one to "unlock points" and one to "reset all" would be nice, even if both are the same price. Might as well, makes both options allot easier.

EDIT: A thought ocurred to me today while thinking about solutions to this quandry, as it is a rather huge impact to our ability to twink our builds. In addition to my suggestion above, if it's too difficult to get the stat screen to show up in the skills window pane, you could set it up to allow us to close the skills window w/o committing, and view the results in the character screen, but force us to commit before leaving town. Since we have to be in town to resaet our stats anyways, it seems like it would be possible to do the above idea as well.

It seems like the ability for this is already there...I can reset my passive points in the character window, and my stats automatically update to reflect the lack of passives, even though the passives window is not open. so moving back and forth between the windows whouldn' limit our ability to see the effect of points. You just move the alert window from the skills window and have it pop up anytime we try and leave town (portal, gate, whatever).

Although it seems like a bit of an odd approach, to be honest, I'd rather have that in the game if we can get it earlier, then to have to wait months and months for a way to optimize our builds w/o taking 5 different screen shots.

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Created: 4 years, 6 months ago

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