Staff Basic Attacks but No Extra Projectiles?

While I am assured that Archion's Teachings and Pugilist's Momentum provide additional projectiles for the staff basic attack, either I'm expected to take that on faith or these mechanics don't work. I can't say that I can see any additional projectiles on screen - they're either not there or are so closely packed and follow identical bounce patterns as to be obscured by one another. I would like some clarification either way.

If these skills do actually work then I'd like to suggest improving the visuals - make the projectiles twist around one another something like a bolas as they move towards the target in a way that distinctly shows them as "n" separate elements on the screen no matter how many there are (the same concept could be applied to Avenger Auto-Turret where I believe the explanation for why Archion's Teachings was not implemented is that the projectiles would diverge and therefore never hit their target). Making the staff projectiles pick different or at least random targets when they bounce would help immensely as well - I'm supposed to get 2 always and 3 on the 4th Basic Attack, but I only ever see one no matter how it bounces.

Part of the user experience in playing an ARPG is the "feeling of increasing power" with the character. In spending skill points unlocking these two skills, I can't honestly say the character feels more powerful: the damage output might indeed have increased but the character doesn't "feel" more powerful because it just looks like a single projectile and I'm not able to focus on the damage numbers themselves.

If these skills don't work, well, please fix them!

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Created: 3 years, 2 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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