Static Transferral Improvements

Static Transferral description possibly needs rewording. As one part says it doubles the damage bonus on skill use (so what? 60% instead of 30% when at max overload points), then the next part says using a skill consumes all points and deals double damage (the skill deals double damage?). Some clarification would be great.

Static Transferral Overload points get used up even on skills that don't deal any damage, meaning you have to reset and start again. Kind of annoying to be honest when trying to use support skills that buff you. It means you have to use your support skills before you even attack, but some of those skills only benefit you when next to enemies.

Now some support skills (i.e. Tracker's Reach) can be modified to deal damage. In my opinion it would be great if the node could detect if a skill is dealing damage and then use the Overload Points. If a skills isn't dealing any damage at all, then it should detect that and not use any Points.

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Created: 1 year, 9 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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