Summons Need to Scale From More Than Just Plaguebringer Nodes.

The only nodes confirmed to scale up your summons from what I've seen are in the very back of a 3rd ring tree. Spell damage hasn't been confirmed to increase it's damage and many people are saying that it in fact doesn't. This isn't helped by the fact numbers are not displayed on a vast majority of modifiers and skills, and even then if you click one that says it increases damage the number on the right doesn't change for damage, how is that supposed to help us?

IMO Summons need to do more than just be meat shields. Summons should be able to apply ailments, I would argue at a lower status proc rate than other spells and attacks but still be able to apply ailments. They also need to do your ailment damage that you do like attack skills do, turrets can apply procs, but mage summons can't? Ridiculous. They also need to scale off spell damage and maybe even main stats, they are spells it's their tag, but they certainly don't seem to benefit from the spell damage nodes I've invested in. If you have points in agility your summons should attack faster, if you have points in wisdom they should apply procs at higher rates etc. Currently there is very little incentive to use summons outside of having livor mortis tank for you, their damage is abyssmal and the other summons besides livor mortis die pretty fast.

Summons also have collision problems, for example the zombies have a reactivate skill that causes them to charge at target area, but they'll collide with eachother and stop before ever reaching that sometimes.

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summons definitely need more work but they do not need to scale off player buffs. it is a self contained system. they get their base stats from the summoner tree, and are then boosted through their individual perks and skill lvl.

livor mortis has 3 damage types. toxin (tank) shadow (warrior) lightning (mage)
feeding swarm has 3 damage types. fire, aether, toxin
hunting swarm has 3 damage types. toxin, frost, shadow

i do not know if they do or dont do ailments, but livor mortis has a perk that increases its chance to do ailments. ive not come across them dealing low damage or not being able to survive that would warrant them needed to scale based off player bonuses like spell damage etc.

im lvl 69 currently working through champion and im toxin spec plague summoner. the issues that really bug me with summons are all mechanical.

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Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

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