my first and last experience

Be me.
Start steam. See Wolcen Update 6,3GB. HYPE. Install update. Hit play
Unexpected Error. Crash2Desktop. Hit play again. Blackscreen.
Restart. Calm heartrate.
Hit play. Start game. Entering Maintown.
Checks a few QoL things which were reported.
None of them got update/fix.
Close Wolcen
By the way:
I really dont know if its funny or sad that the only way i got information about how Mark of Impurity works is based on latest Patch Notes where i can see
that the skill got 6 nerfes.
By the way - is there a certain reason why you stopped posting patch notes on this "official" website in december 2020? I read them on the german "fansite" wolcengame.de - but why?

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Created: 1 year, 6 months ago

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