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So the Game is selled as a "finished product" on Steam (and probably other stores). Yet - still, since the release, after finishing Act 3, there is still this "To be Continued" thing going on. So you basically delivered 75% of the story. Yet coming up with new content - when the core game is insanely buggy. Calling this a "finished product" is just a very sassy behaviour to each player / buyer of the game.

However - you are adding in some sort of "seasons" with bloodtrail - without transparency on length or whatsoever.
Additionally, Act 4 was never themed again after Release in 2020 (pretty much 2 years ago).

So tell me, are there any Plans, or are there not? Are you wondering, why this game still gets so much negativity? Because you do not deliver what your promised. Basically still missing at least 25% of what i've been bought 2 years ago. I do pretty much feel betrayed, indeed. :)

Good job

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Created: 10 months, 1 week ago

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Main story is done. It's not 75%, it's 100%. What is left is expansion that will continue the story. They have never promised when will that happen. If I were you, I wouldn't rush them (not that they can be rushed, game still has 3 year old bugs in it) because they will f it up.

Created: 10 months ago

I was wondering the same... "hm let's check out wolcen.. maybe there is a new act"..."something like a new act was in my mind.. "
...but no, only endgame content.
"didn't they talk about a new act.." why endgame content.. but okay.

for me personally playing the story was really really fun. I enjoyed it a lot!
would be great if you could just play it 3 times.. in different difficulties.
the story.. the boss fight's insane!

Created: 9 months, 4 weeks ago

I also have the impression that the story is not 100% complete. After the fight with Heimlock, a lot of questions remain and the narrative seems to be cut off.

Created: 9 months, 2 weeks ago

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