[] UI - WarTable Flowchart / Guidance through is fully linear but not flexible (Prio A/B)


Basically the WarTable's UI is fully linear, yet not flexible.
The Scenario right now is, that i am in Champion of Stormfall Mode, going to the WarTable, open it. I get the representation of the 4 GameModes. By clicking on one of them, i am inside this Sub-GameMode, but cannot "go back" to the GameMode-Overview. By pressing ESC (escape) inside this Sub-GameMode, the WarTable will fully quit and i am back to Champion of Stormfall - like running around and stuff.

  1. Entering new Wartable

  2. Choosing a GameMode

  3. ESC (Escape button) inside a Wartable Sub-GameMode

    EDIT2: This issue is caused by the 21:9 resolution issues. The "Back"-Button simply does not appear. On switching to 16:9. its working well.

So basically, you have "improved" the usage of these end-game modes by increasing the amount the player/user has to click before entering a game mode? Don't you think thats a step backwards rather than forwards? Before the user just simply clicked on the difficulty and potentially added modifiers. So the shortest usage was -Old Wartable-Difficulty-Go (3 Setps). And the newer one is -NewWartable-GameMode-Difficulty-Go (at least 4 steps). For a game, where running through these sort of dungeons, and repeating those runs, this one more click really gets annoying. Just sayin' - please play your game before releasing patches - or have a QA-Team look into it before. 2 years after releasing a "product", you should have known that by yourself.


EDIT: This might also be just a problem caused by your 21:9 Resolution issue.

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