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Hi Wolcen Development Team,
I played this game from very beginning when there was an option to use enviromental effects to cause additional damage. I played this game a few times recently, and here some suggestions that can help lots of players.
1- Action House.
There are good and bad items. Many of them are just sold for gold.
But, you can add an action house in-game or some external site.
It will create more communication between players, and it can help multiplayer to actually mean something other than looking into forums and all to find someone to play with.
Some items are hard to get, and some items are special that, you need to build you character around it.
Simply resetting your points just to use that shiny you found is a bit extreme and exhausting in long-term. Some players simply build their character for that item and than getting it.
Current unique items in this game are not simply some "Big damage" items and they do not grant special abilities/skills that can work with many builds.

2- Guaranteed uniques.
Unique items are cool. In many games, many players want to simply get the unique items for just adding it to their collection. Some wants to build their characters on not complete RNG, but a few certain drops.
You can add bosses that uses or guards or maybe created from(lore part is up to you) these unique items. When player encounters them and kills them, that unique will be guaranteed to drop.
These can be unique item sets as well. And it may help you to build up more lore without trying to add so much cinematic/dialogue etc...

3- In-game lottery.
Lets say we got this unique that we don't want... A shield. But we wanted a different unique shield. Adding a lottery or unique item sacrifice mechanic that allows player to "reroll" their unique item to not waste that drop can be helpful. With luck, dropping a unique item, grabbing it and seeing that it sucks for this build/character/combo is frustrating after some point. Higher the item level/rarity, higher the cost/lower chance to obtain it from a roll. Additional use may cost more gold. But in order to balance the gold amount, cost may reset each day since gold cost won't increase to ridicilous numbers on long-term, but players can't reroll that item as much as they want in that day. They need to wait for one more day at least. And a few small-priced re-roll chance is an opportunity to all players.

4- Weapon skin-Armor skin
Weapon skin and armor skin ideas were amazing. It gives a lot more reason to collect every drop. But, costs to change armor/weapon skins goes up really high. My suggestion would be, since it is an optional and cosmetic stuff, making it a fixed gold cost will be better. So that anyone who can afford it can change their character's looks. A mage looking like he is wearing heavy armor may look ridicilous or "high level item skins should cost more" is a logical argument but, cosmetics are about looking cool. Let players look cool more easily. And it may encourage players to gather gold since it is now a fixed amount, players don't need to collect millions after some point to simply make their gear look different.

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Created: 1 year, 9 months ago

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