Attack Speed doesn't feel good. Game "feel" suggestions.

Hello, I just wanted to bring up that agility and attack speed as a stat feel very clunky to scale. I know there are a bunch of balancing changes to prevent mass stacking of ailments or other issues but basic attacks feel clunky and i cant stand to play anything but dual wielding. It's not even about the damage numbers or clear speed but the "feel" per say, its almost too sluggish. When i have a greatsword and i spend and invest tons just to swing that bad boy around i want to feel like a barbarian from hell, not just some dude trying to split wood. I understand that skills scale with attack speed and everything keeps getting nerfed but can we increase agility's use and keep attack speed in the game somehow. instead of 2handers needing a less multi, why not have dual wield have a more multi ? Shields offer defense and reflect damage in the tree to offer similar feel as far as clearing. I don't want to see this game lose players because it doesn't feel good to play. Moreso i think the heavy focus on picking a couple of skills and "spending" rage all the time is cool but with the delay between basic attacks and lack of ability to roll cancel i hate using skills all the time. And if your worried about broken builds and endgame being cleared too fast devs can always plan expansions and specific challenge mode options to obtain the Uber tier loot. Sorry for the rant but i enjoy the game but at the same time am reluctant to play due to the slow sluggish nature of our character yet enemies can swing weapons as large as a car like it was a stick.

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Created: 2 years, 4 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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