Better multiplayer experience

Right now playing together with a friend is stressful for multiple reasons:

  1. Wolcen has a hard time to see if somebody is online and to actually send party invites. This could be a server issue and I trust it will be resolved when further optimizing connection and servers.
  2. When playing campagin, only the leader of your party can create a game at his state of the campaign. You can not chose a specific quest nor can you change the leader.
  3. When you play a game with somebody who is at a different state of the campaign, your campaign progress will be adjusted. That's great to play together. The problem however is that you can't go back to your original quest, which made me miss some parts of the story, until I run a new character.
  4. You can't join a running game. This is extremly inconvenient since the game will crash every now and then for me. But even with a stable client, you want to switch characters or invite more friends to your game as they come online.
  5. You can only invite people on your friendlist. Let us invite everybody by typing "/invite [name]" please.
  6. Link wolcen to our steam friendlist.

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Created: 2 years, 11 months ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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