Controller support?

First I apologize because this is probably a common thread topic but there doesn't appear to be a search function on this forum and the only information I could find through search engines was more than a year old.

Please consider bumping controller support up in priority. I know that this was promised during the kickstarter "6 months after launch" and it keeps getting pushed back. I only hope the idea hasn't been abandoned entirely.

All the positives you can get out of controller support:

  • Makes your game more accessible to the disabled
  • Makes your game easier to port to consoles
  • Makes your game far easier to stream (xbox, steamlink, etc)
  • Makes your game more accessible for "media" PC gamers (those that use a computer with a home entertainment setup from a couch instead of desk)
  • clears a promise you made prior to launch
  • Brings you on par with other modern ARPG's that have native controller support like Grim dawn, Torchlight 3, allegedly Diablo 4, allegedly Dialbo 2 resurrected, Diablo 3 for console

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Created: 2 years, 1 month ago

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I think ARPG's play great on a controller. KB/M can be so tiring especially if you already work all day on a computer. If Wolcen dev's read this- please consider adding controller support. Yes, it may be "subpar" compared to KB/M but that is a trade off many people will gladly make for comfortability and accessibility. Just look at D2: R... D2 is probably the hardest ARPG to implement controller support and they were able to do it. Modders have gone as far as to implement controller support in the original Diablo game! Wolcen could easily adapt this. Would love to see it!

Created: 2 years ago

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