as a big fan of character customization I would like to ask if there are any plans for character customization like transmog, character effects and so on. One of the wish come true for me would be if there was a chance to go for example sword and board and have equipped two handed weapon on the back as cosmetic. Not many ARPGs offer such a char. customization but that would be really nice thing at least for me :)

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Created: 8 months ago

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i would like that too and even better if you can swap with the weapon on your back

Created: 8 months ago

We plan to offer armor skin swap and tinting in game, but the weapons animations have different speed and showing a two handed sword on your back changing into a one-handed sword during battle would be a bit strange visually. You'll most likely be able to swap the skin of your weapon with a similar weapon type, but considering the difference of size reflected in animations for two-handed and one-handed weapon, it is unlikely to happen, at least for the release of the game.

Created: 8 months ago

Thank you for answer Calistaen,

just one more thing. Do you guys plan something like switching weapons as Shizukana08 mentioned? For example to use two hander for some attacks between tanking or to use staff for certain healing spells. Its just an idea but that way the weapons you want to switch could be displayed on your back for example :)

Created: 8 months ago

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