So I remember Wolcen had a pretty awesome idea for crafting that I was looking forward to. Lots of customization and beautiful art involved, it got me pumped for the game alongside the many other cool features.

Since all the new website revamps and everything else I've noticed the crafting information has disappeared (unless I'm blind), and I haven't seen any talk about there being a crafting system. I really hope crafting hasn't been abandoned, as crafting is such a fun part of ARPGs, Not a lot of people like the grind crafting can add but I find it adds another layer to the game that helps keep away from early stagnation, if done correctly. It also helps from the stand point that you can't find that piece of the puzzle you need to complete your build, or you want something specific, you have a way to achieve that instead of waiting on RNGesus to drop that item for you...that may or may not roll that fantastic.


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Crafting is still planned but will be based on a different idea than the one showcased in Kickstarter. The one in the Kickstarter was cool on the paper but is not a very good idea if you want to think about the item you will create.

About finding the proper item you need without depending on RNG only, we also have other features planned, different from crafting :)

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Sweet thanks for the update!

I do hope the crafting system is useful unlike D3, but not rediculous like PoE haha. I look forward to what you have planned for the system and this planned stuff different from crafting!


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Hi there,

now that we are 2 months away from release, any new information about how crafting will work in Wolcen ? This is a pretty important aspect of the game.

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