extend the character editor+more focus bugs fixed

extend the character editor+more focus bugs fixed

I would like to see the following things improved in Wolcen:
- give the players here in the forum the possibility to attach screenshots&videos as a file

  • in the character editor give the player more possibilities to create his character
    (lizard creatures,orcs, different hair colors, tattoos, accessories ect.

here is something on the subject of bugs from Steam player "sokto":
I really wish for this game you could give a neutral rating. Patch, March 2023
(As a note: I haven't played much of the endgame yet, so I won't rate that).

The game looks really top notch, pure eye candy and probably the best looking ARPG on the market. The environment is super atmospheric (even though it consists of fairly linear levels). I also liked the story, even if it wasn't super innovative (Warhammer anyone? :D).

The enemy selection is pleasingly varied and well staged. The battles are fluid and the skills feel massive, but I can't do too much with the character development. Distributing attribute points like in Diablo 2 I find very good, because you promote certain play styles even more. However, a talent system like in Path of Exile is just too spongy for me (Gate of Fates in Wolcen, I think? play in English) and there is too little feeling of progress when 90% of all points give Y% more on stat X. Even of the remaining 10%, rather few have a big impact on the playstyle.
What does change the playstyle are the abilities, which increase in level when used (or against a currency) and thus unlock processing options. So you can turn an AOE spell into a kind of aura, or the summonable golem (which serves as a tank) into a ranged fighter. However, such a high change possibility is rather the exception. It's a pity, I would have wished for more skills, Last Epoch, for example, does this aspect much better.
I find it very good that you can redistribute all distributed points relatively cheaply. Also the system that as a wizard you use willpower while generating rage and as a typical melee fighter it works the other way around. There are skills that use rage as a resource and skills that need willpower. Especially with the hybrid builds, this allows you to try out very cool and interesting combinations. An innovative system, which I have not seen before.

Bugs.... Since I bought this game last week in the sale, because it didn't get going for ages, and also read a lot how much better it is now, I assumed similar to Cyberpunk 2077 that it now runs mostly smoothly and bug-free.
Yes ne
To be fair, I did have a single crash while playing through the campaign (about 26 hours). But the number of bugs and glitches is enormous for a game that has been on the market for about 3 years. From sequences (which are great dubbed, at least in English) where voice acting and video are out of sync, items lying right at my feet but not clickable, to the disappearance of ALL effects (no warnings on the ground of the big abilities of bosses or elite enemies, my own abilities were not visible even though they worked and also loot was not displayed with the bug).

One point that is still important for me, the balancing. You can only choose between very easy and "enemies flip when I look at them" at the start. The damage of my summoner (I read it was too strong at the beginning and too weak in the endgame, hearsay!) was so high that I probably could have run through the levels without stopping and killed most of the enemies by the way. I couldn't catch most of the conversations with the boss enemies (which are not irrelevant to the story), as the boss was sometimes dead within 30 seconds and the snippets of conversation are always triggered at a certain amount of enemy life.
In turn, it does not fit at all that there are enough abilities of the boss opponents and also elite opponents, which just kill me with one blow.... in the campaign.... Huh?
For this problem, they didn't work on the stats, but instead added a cheat death function. So you have three revives that slowly replenish. Funnily enough, this is one of the biggest upsets for me and is very indicative of why I don't recommend this game! You don't try to get the scaling right, because that takes a lot of time and trial and error, instead you just get a revive. Tadaa, problem solved.

of course there are no or very few games that have very few bugs and yes if players here in the forum or Steam no bugs can report you as Dev. also no bugs fix logically I would find it wonderful if there is an official Wolcen channel (Discord) the just when it comes to visual bugs here in the forum can not send you screenshots the more direct the contact between players & developers the more improved in your case Wolcen is at least my view on this now Wolcen has its last chapter now you just have to improve the performance steadily + add more job classes or more locations and already more players would be excited about Wolcen <3

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