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Hi! I've just finished storyline and I would like to leave a feedback.
Disclaimer: I've been playing Path of Exile for about 2 years and since it's in a bad state now, I've tried Wolcen with my friend. I've been playing as kinda "spoiled kid" - I played a game with what it gives, without reading any external resources.
I've played for a total of 16 hours on a sorcerer and I would like to thank you - this is the best time I've had on a mage class ever - casting sequences, effects, generating mana from autoattacks - it is FUN to play, totally worth it. Awesome graphics, loot filter, respec at any time - many very cool decisions that other ARPGs are lacking.
But, despite a fact that I would totally recommend this game to play, I don't have incentive to do so. With so many sloppy bugs, it starts to irritate the hell out of me - the game is out for a year and a half! Anyway, here's my list of this kind things:
1. Endless chatter. I didn't have to know the characters yet and I'm listening about their relationships, inside jokes and problems. Tragic sacrifices when you just don't care (yet). This is a disaster. I was interested to know them better but started to skip dialogs since second Act... where it was possible...
2. Overlay map. This is a top of the list bug that is simply ridiculous to have for such a long time. If you're using overlay map, you have to switch it back each time you check inventory, skill's or any window. Please, fix it.
3. Roll. Right now, I feel that the game is unfair - I click to roll in the right time but my character keeps casting. It should interrupt everything and do so.
4. Inventory bug. You can't check the items in inventory if you continue to move. It's like... what?
5. Skill damage tags. Maybe it is somewhere but I searched everywhere I can think of - how do you know which type of damage are your skills? For example, Anomaly, for me, looks like Arcane, but it's probably Occultist stuff. Could have shown it in a description...
6. Aspects. I didn't play as much to know if Aspects last longer or cast faster, but what I know is that I never know what am I casting when I'm in Aspect form. This ridiculous delay when I'm waiting for animations to "transform", "cast beam" or he was casting something different but I clicked the other skill already - whatever. Such a cool feature and it feels like garbage. With a feel that I got from the game, he should be transforming on the move, with instant casts.
7. Proximity shield. That shit is like a disease that moves from game to game and every developer feels necessary to implement it. But in this case - you made it even worse. As example, there are PS mobs in PoE - but almost at any level they require 1-2 shots, they are stupid and they are affected by dots even when player is outside (so you can slowly deal with them without getting in melee). Your mobs are fat and intellegently moving from me so my casts with a delay would miss even when I'm hugging them and losing my face.
8. Monitor setting. Not a big issue since you can work around it, but you don't have an option to choose a Monitor to display the game on.
9+. Many unclear tooltips (e.g. "When you cast Anomaly while the vortex is still active..." or no indication when you would get +1 skill point). I don't understand why there are caster off-hands and no caster main hands. Weird that you can't link items in chat. Overwhelming amount of options when first using "N" window (and it looks like mobile farm).

I've got no regrets buying and playing it. It is...


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Hi there!

thank you for taking the time to lay all this out, it's very much appreciated! I'll pass on the feedback to the relevant parties.

Thanks again :D

Created: 1 year, 10 months ago

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