Gameplay improvements

English is my internet language so bear with me :)

First i wanna say i do enjoy many things about Wolcen, both gameplay and looks! Yet at the same time the gameplay is also why i lose interest and again stop playing every year because of the same reasons as last time.
Gameplay is too clunky.. when wolcen finally becomes difficult it also falls apart. When quick thinking and skilled action is requiered the games clunkyness limits exactly that.
Biggest con last.

Bladestorm: Stuck spinning on the same spot when trying to engage or disengage happens way to often. In an ARPG where animation canceling isnt present this is horrible. Unfettered determination seems mandatory to avoid this.

Wings of Ishmir: Some of the same problem here is getting stuck, not ending up on wanted destination, next to objects or even NPC in town.
Secondly this skill double casts 9/10 times if you have more than 1 stamina with Relentless Pursuit, not spamming. Iv tested this excessively.

Slayers flurry: Seems Inconsistent, both its dash and flurry stab. It very well could be me having a L2P issue, to me it seems i dash back to back sometimes which is great, other times stands put stabbing the air next to monsters inconsistently.

Sovereign shout: Feels badass to use which is fun! At the same time a shout that roots the player dose not make for smooth gameplay, could be smoother.. maybe even as smooth as "Juggernaut" which dosent make a dent in gameplay flow. Juggernaut FTW!

Knocked down: Spamming R is often the only play on revival after being knocked down but it dosent allways work cus im instagibbed on revival. Having a second invulnerability on revival would allow players to come back instead of being instagibbed on the same spot three times.

THE LEFT CLICK: honestly its the worst experience in any game periode, having a forced basic attack button when that button also is the movement button so to speak. Give players the option to change left mouse click to simply "move" like Last Epoch. Standing there like a fool swinging zero damage basic attacks when its the absolute last thing you wanna do in a make or break situation leaves me with the worst taste in my mouth..

Hope there is some positive feedback from the community, i want Wolcen to reach full potential.

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