Just Some Ideas :)


I am writing this with just a few suggestions/things I think the game could use.
I want to start by saying I love your game and I make these suggestions not out of frustration or anger but a genuine want for the game to improve.

So here we go!

  1. Allow a reliable way to gamble/farm unique items. Whether this be tying it to certain bosses/areas/events, it would be amazing to be able to set out and actually attempt to get the uniques we want for our builds.
  2. Allow some form of merchant/selling during expeditions. It feels REALLY bad to be full on loot 1/3 of the way through a floor and have to leave all that sellable loot on the floor. It is rather discouraging and seems arbitrary to me at least.
  3. Auto-consume option for Enneracts. This would be a great QOL option to just consume them upon picking up.
  4. Make side areas more appealing. You can do this by making side area only events/items/etc. Right now I feel like 9/10 I just skip them because there is never really anything worthwhile to spend to time on.

That is all I have, again thank you all for your hard work and I look forward to playing this game for years to come!

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Hello intangibible,
good suggestions! I agree with your first and fourth point. A specific way to farm or to increase the chance of getting uniques/legs (yes i know you can increase deifficulty of exp and equip farmbelt etc, but thats not the point we are talking here) would be nice.
I am not 100% sure i fi understand what you mean with side areas. The little caves/dungeons which appear in the main area? If so, i agree. I only enter them to see the unique vendor. Mostly they are disappointing and give you not much but random loot you can get everywhere.

Please check my recently created post https://wolcengame.com/forum/feedback-suggestions/quality-of-life/qol-list-1109-1/ - because you are talking abount the items you can not sell during exp, its point 8 on my list

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Created: 2 years, 3 months ago

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