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Hope you're all having a great day!

Love the new loot filter! I do have couple of things that I'd like to see improved upon though ;)

  1. I would be awesome if items that are hidden by the loot filter did not make drop sounds.
  2. It would also be great if items that are hidden by the loot filter didn't have any beams, for legendaries/uniques etc, if you've chosen to hide those categories you probably don't want to see those items either.
  3. And finally it would be nice if you could remove the "rarity glow" around items that are hidden by the loot filter, so the blue, yellow, red and purple glow on items, the glow on items only makes me think I forgot to loot something, so I'm constantly running around pressing my "alt" key to re-show item tooltips that may have faded away, turns out those items were just items hidden by the loot filter, very distracting when you're playing the game.

As a programmer my self, having dug into the game files a bit my self and I do programming for work, some of these sounds like easy fixes, I might be wrong of course, with all respect!

I've also read through a couple of pages here on the forum and found some nice suggestions there too and will quickly re-cap them here.

  • An option in the loot filter to show only "new dyes".
  • More detailed controls for flasks, so that you can hide flasks based on tier.
  • And last but not least, more detailed controls for gems, like being able to control which tiers and colors that you can see.

Other than that, great work!
Keep working on the game and hopefully it has a future within the ARPG genre!

Completely off-topic, the forum needs a bit of work too, 4 times I tried to create this post without success, each time you get a message like "oh, you need to connect your account to steam" and you entire post is gone and you I had to rewrite everything several times, VERY annoying.

And a search function would be cool also :D

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