on the tutorial phase: among the archer, swordsman and mage. the archer is far worst than the other two

the archer in the tutorial phase is so bad you end up getting drowned by mobs because of how lame he is.

the bow is single target, slow to fire arrows, and hits like a sissy.
as opposed to wand that can bounce the attacks and swords that can basically cleave.

the bow is the worst because it has no aoe damage in the tutorial. i think this is tremendously hurting the new player experience and they might automatically think the game sucks and drop it just for a simple reason.

my suggestion is to implement just one of any:
- make the character release the arrows faster
- make bows shoot twice as fast at the last animation
- make the last shot shoot 2 arrows at the last animation
- make the arrows have burning, frost or poision -- u know like an actual bowman? have them equip quivers that can change their shots
- make the starting bow have piercing affix
- add headshot mechanic that would crit some shots.. affix to bows
- instead of bow make it shield and gun for aoe
- make the sviirs drop pistol and shield
- make an affix to the bow or pistol called strafe which gives chance to cast temporarily boost your normal attacks for the duration short duration.

just rethink the archer.. it feels so bad and lame to use compared to the other types. please make it interesting? why can pistol users only be the ones that are cool, don't you think that's unfair?

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Created: 1 year, 4 months ago

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when I first started I picked bow then almost immediately discarded it because it just felt terrible. It feels so slow to attack and target and many of the early skills felt the same. It was even worse as I was playing with a friend who was using the magic staffs and they were killing everything before I could simply due to how slow the bow attacks were.

Created: 1 year, 3 months ago

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