ONLY CATALIST PLUS 1 hand weapon is the logical way to play wolcen!!! JUST REMOVE THE SKILL WEAPON REQUIREMENT

this becomes really apparent when fighting bosses!! NOT ALL SKILLS ARE STRONG!
some skills are WAAAY underpowered (just take a look at the hammer down skill.. its a joke what boss would stand there and wait for you to charge all the stages??!) compared to others which makes the builds so few.

if we unlock or remove the weapon requirements for skills it would open up a way for true build diversity and a way to dump willpower on to rage!!
POTIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH!!!!! and making switching to rage as default via gates of fates is not enough!!

if you want the game to not be clunky at least give an incentive to use normal attack? like triple the rage gain on 1 hit or buff the AGILITY speed more! it is the weakest attribute among all.

AGILITY - SHOULD GIVE EVASION + ramp up the attack speed per agility points, it IS STILL VERY SLOW FOR NORMAL ATTACK
FEROCITY- SHOULD provide percentage on hit going to RAGE

it so clunky only the broken skills are usable like havoc orb, summons, bleeding edge everthing else are a joke!!

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For a game that is often defined as giving the player a "class-less" experience, the active skills remove any truth in that statement and restrict the player to defined roles.

While some of the skills requiring specific weapons make sense (Wailing Arrows requiring bow, Bladestorm requiring a melee weapon), there is no logical reason why I would require anything to perform a Sovereign Shout, curse an enemy with Mark of Impurity, or throw a hook with Tracker's Reach. There are many skills that conjure weapons or devices that should not be restricted at all.

Coming into the game I wanted to build a defensive and supportive "Paladin" style character using Sacred spells (all of which require a staff or catalyst to use). I became frustrated after learning how restrictive the abilities are - especially considering how relatively few abilities there are in the game.

A solution could be to add passive nodes to certain trees within the Gates of Fate that allow for the use of certain skill types outside of their normal conditions (similar to how there are already nodes which allow the player to Block with any weapon). An example of this, with obvious bias, would be to add the ability to cast Sacred skills to the Eos tree.

Regarding your point on attributes - I entirely agree. Attributes need to do a lot more than they currently do.
- Agility: Evasion is a great idea, increasing Dodge Chance. Furthermore, alongside increasing the amount of attack/cast speed it provides, agility should provide a movement speed bonus.
- Wisdom: I agree with it providing Force Shield. It should also increase the Willpower/Rage pools slightly.
- Toughness: I agree, it should provide All Resistance.
- Ferocity: I agree that it should definitely contribute to resource generation.

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Created: 1 year, 11 months ago

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