QoL List #1

Hello there,
first of all: I am a 30y/o player from germany. I play your game since official release in 2020 and went through many ups and downs. I like your game a lot and like to push my character through the levels. I play a level 80 bloodtrail archer and complete 169er expeditions. Anyhow, i see many issues that (still :-( )need to be fixed to increase the gameflow. Please excuse language erros and enjoy a potato for a long post.
It may be possible that my list is kinda random, but here are my ideas:

In my opinion... stop changing skills, attacks, values etc. Stop nerving actual good and effective builds. Dont ruin our fun by making our builds weaker nd weaker with any patch...get your game work probably. We still encounter crashes, bugs, missbehavioursl, inventoryissues and the list go on. Please - make your game playable. Thats what we want.

1 The pop-up window "choose your reward" after quests, random events or expeditions with a boss room etc. :
Problem1: You see your current equipped item only for the first 3 offered items. Example: I complete a "room which is guarded by a boss" and have to choose 1 out of 5 items. I can only compare 3 items. The mouse-over does not open itemslot 4 and 5.
Problem2: Shoulder, hand and ring slot can not be altered by holding shiftbutton. So its not possible to compare an offered item with both of your itemslots
Problem3: Its kinda annoying when the award-window appears while being in combat. I died many times while being unable to fight monsters with the window in the foreground - maybe add a "hide/toggle" award-window?
Problem4: Clicking one of the offered items let your character walk - sometimes to new enemies - high risk

2 Teleporter in Maintown:
After beating the story your players will spend most of time in "adventure"mode of Wolcen.
Problem1: In the maintown you can actually click on the teleporter in the middle of the town - which gets you the "teleporter is not yet unlock". It would make more sense if you would never get such message for THIS specific teleporter since its an "exit only" teleporter.
Problem2: When you have to leave an expedition via teleporting to the town the portal does not disappear - you can reenter it which ends in the town again.
I would prefer when this portal close itself by ending the expedition

3 Itemcrafting
The crafting system needs to be updated. Regular players have a hard life understanding the rules of crafting items
Problem1: You need to explain the basicrules of your crafting items. Prefix?Sufix? In the game itself it is not possible to figure out what kind of stats a random item can have. The player needs an explanation what prefixes and sufixes are and how to detect them. Furthermore you event dont explain how many stats a item can have

4 Itemstats values
By playing a hack n slay based RPG i like the idea of farming good items. I must say that i feel more awarded by getting a good item way more then in other games. Other games give you a ton of legendarys and unique items, you only need time to get high stats
Problem1: The randomness in Wolcen for rolling item values. Be honest - farming for hours feels like wasted time when you get legendary 187er items with damage values you know from 50er items. Yes, we can reroll them and yes, we can push them by upgrading the quality. But it would be more pleasure to get high stats with high level items.

5 Itemstats rolls
The hunt after good items is what (i think) let us play hack n slay rpg. Most of players want to push their characters to the limit. Farming/crafting/rerolling items is the funpart to break the limits. But the randomness of itemstats feels like driving a car with applied handbrake.
Problem1: Example: You get your desired type of legendary weapon - 1h sword. Great! It has a high base physical damage which works perfect with your skilltree. But the weapon also got the stats "% occult damage", "x frostdamage" and "firedamage". Immiediatly the item is completly worthless. Getting this 3 stats off your items AND replace them with needed stats is only possible to spend tons of gold and time - that is not what we want.
Example2: An awarded item is blessed with immense rentdamage and materialdamage, but cursed with "increase the chance to poison enemy" and "increases poison damage dealt with this weapon by x%)... what i try to explain: Your rules which items are rolled need to make more sense. I understand that under circumstances it could make sense to get "weired" combinations of stats when you want to play a support character or something. I also understand that the game can not know which type of playstyle i prefer - i play pistol/catalyst and need a lot of different dmg types to get status buffs - but getting occult/elemental stats on my main weapon (materialdmg) grind my gears.

6 Point and click
It feels a little off to click to an non environment area, release the click to an environement area and see your character walks to this position. Its hard to explain but your character should only walk when you set your mouseclick to an "walkable" area AND release the mousclick on such a area. When i remember correctly this also occurs by click in your inventory and release the click to a path.

7 Accidently leaving an expedition
Problem1: You prepare an expedition with a boss modificator and defeat the boss. At the same moment the boss is killed the exit-teleporter appears. It happens a lot of time that i click accidently on the portal because
- the portal spawns immediatly when boss is killed
- the portal spawns not in the centre of room but anywhere where boss dies
- the portal does not ask to leave the dungeon
Solution1: Set a fixed location where the portal spawnd - near entrance?
Solution2: Wait a little time to let portal appear OR let it appear but do make it clickable a little after
Soultion3: Why a porter anyway? Some kind of expeditions need to be leavd by hitting "t" to townportal back - why bossrooms?

8 Farming Expeditions
I dont understand the idea of not be able to leave a running expedition to
- sell items
- store items at bank
I would understand this when you block changes on equip/skills - but THAT is possible during expeditions.
We are able to set up skills and items to (example) make are-effect builds and at the end single enemy bosskillers but its forbidden to sell collected items.
Yes i know at the end of a room is a vendor but this is not a good solution as you get way more items then your inventory can handle

9 Inventory bugs
This is cruical: After some time of playing it occurs manytimes that the inventory is bugged. Items disappear/appear on random positions, are not clickable and stacking/unstacking items ends most of the item with bugged items.
Speaking of stacks:
Why do we need to unstack crafting items to upgrade them in townprojects? It is not a big deal - but why is it a deal? The game could just reduce the amount of stacked items by 1 and place it in the project

10 Jewlery NPC
Ever tried to roll 3 Offensive-1 slots on a weapon? Yes, its possible, yes its random - but it easily can kill your wallet, its son and daugters and your banks credit. Maybe you have an idea to make it easier to reach the rollgoal?

11 Placing equipped items
Another "issue" which is hard to explain. Some NPC require to rightclick your equiped items into their windows. After they finish their work they place your item to your inventory - or the ground when inventory is full. It would be nice if they would go back to the former slots

12 Getting gameover in expeditions
Getting killed in a expedition hurts. But getting roughly thrown back to the city feels like a "git gud" faceslap. It would make more sense to get killed in the expedition, reading "your group has been killed" and getting back to town AFTER hitting "ok". Currently its like " oh !%?" we got killed. ah, were back in town... 'you group has been killed'... yeah thanks for the obvious"
Additional - not really an issue but why do we get loading time by porting back to town, but getting gameover in expedition throws us back to town in no time?

These are my current thoughts of the game i have in mind. I will make additional posts in future when i notice something remarkable
Thanks for reading and kind regards

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