GREAT GAME ! : but Informations is an issue here

I play Hack'N'Slash games for maybe 20 years, I didi a lot of them, I nearly choose only this type of games, and I have to say ...

The good :
It is maybe the best one I ever played ! Thanks for that game ! And the graphics are ... SO NICE !!! It is the first time I dig that much in a game to understand it perfectly.

Improvements : * The first and most important : Informations : ... damn you need to improve that, and you did some work already, but you still got much to do. That's the problem with lot of H'N'S, and I understand (or at least try) the complexity of the subject, so many things and impacts everywhere. But it is so frustrating not to understand why and how this Perk or boost is impacting. The runes of the actives skills (some says for instance it improve the damage of the skills or things like that ... It is just not possible), and in some Perks also. Please do something quickly at least to clarify some of the texts, I am sure you are loosing player for that reason.
- You puted DPS in the stats panel : GOOOOD
- Do it on the acttive skills as well
- Make the info of the skills uodating by your perks, equipment, ... and if you can paly with colors to show where does it come from (equipment, perks, ...) it can be awesome
I will post it elsewhere, but I can't find clear informations on the mechanics, especially damage.

  • Balanced in the game : you offered us a so nice way to customize our character ! It is hard to balanced ? I can understand that, but don't get shy, make the changes, let see what happened and change it again. Build will change many times with that way of doing it : Fair enough ! You can't do it oneshot anyway ;)

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Yes tooltips on skill modifiers and passives are a huge issue. A lot of the fun for ARPG players is to crunch numbers to find the best synergies. We can't do that when tooltips just state things like "Critical hits with thunder strike cause lightning to strike nearby ennemies". For how much damage ? What is nearby ? Can it crit ? Can it apply ailments ? Does it proc the +20 willpower on hit passive ( tho on this one almost nothing seem to proc it apart from the base skill so whatever.... ) ?

Better tooltips would be really helpful. For me as someone who loves this kind of stuff it is extremely irritating when tooltips do not give me the information i need.

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Created: 1 year, 8 months ago

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