Hi Developers,

First, congratulations on the improvements since I visited 9 months ago. I'm only at level 7, but dang, this was very enjoyable. The gameplay is fun, the dialogue, cinematics and graphics are a joy.

Next, I want to put in a request for the old, lazy players like me with slow reflexes. Please give us more options to have non-targetting skills.
In this age of technology, wielding a mouse dextrously is too much like work, and targetting these little red critters who move around is just hand cramping. Most games offer players the chance to sacrifice some power for the utility of not having to aim. In many other games, this takes the form of minions. While I completely understand if Wolcen aims to avoid this path, I just know that I personally don't play these games for the action part, I play for the fun of strategising build paths in order to kill things without too much micromanaging.

Finally, I notice the wiki is currently very bare. I've recently taken an interest in wiki's and I'm wondering if you are expecting players to step up and update pages as they experiment in Beta, or if you anticipate radical changes, hence it is not worth the time to update pages?

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Created: 8 months, 1 week ago

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Hello Grimlock9999,

This is planned :) Summoning skills are currently in the pipes and will be available for the release, and other non targeting skills should be available as well.

Regarding the wiki, it's now safe for players to update it. There might be some changes at the release, but it will mostly be additions, not removals.

Created: 8 months, 1 week ago

Happy days!

Created: 8 months, 1 week ago

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