To the DEVS Before it is to late!!!!!

Dear Wolcen dev's,

I am very happy for you that david Brevik takes interest in your game, but instead of paddin yourselfs on the back with this wonderfull achievement, take a look around open your eyes and see the COMMUNITY. When you release a game that is good and has big potential LISTEN to the community. We are the ones that play your game. When you write that you descide to "fix"the game , actually do the bug fixes like gettin stuck, make a solo play unstuck button? And i can name numerous more things. You make a friendslist that still shows people online when they logged of for an hour or more. Than you need to log off ,and than your friends see your status wrong.... etc etc etc.
I mean evryone was happy when you guys announced not to bring content to soon and focused on "fixin" the game. Fixin the game is not :

Destroyin builds that actually work so people need to redo all there builds and throw away there hard earned gear.

Fix mages !!
don't destroy the few things that work out there,FIX THAT THAT DOESN'T WORK. thats what FIXIN means.
If you like this game and trust me WE the players like this game, than get your heads straight, kiss David Brevik on the head for being a genius, and start takin a REAL interest what the community says, cause the community will show you in general where it lacks!


A very BIG WOLCEN fan!!

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Created: 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Category: Feedback & Suggestions

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