ailment build | around 10k dots

servus! shef here cooked up another spicy build this time ailment!
and oh boy can i tell you this is a confusing one. i thought ailment damage scales with total damage but it actual does not!
the only thing that increases ailment is anything that states increased damage or increased ailment damage
so with that in mind we pick up any of these and scale our damage ticks to insane hights of 11k and we apply 2 of those
ailments so we double that. we have some nice dps in this build but we also have even more buffs to keep keep track of
o hitting those 11k is pretty difficult
id say this is the most mechanicly intense gameplay ive had so far
the most important thing is to keep up our immortal offering stacks you can see those above our potion slots
the number 5 on it means we recently killed an enemy with 5 stacks of the corresponding element
to summerise ailments
the type of ailment we apply is determind by our highest damaging element
with the passive node grievious afflictions we apply ailments of our 2 highest damaging elements
our chance to aply a stack is determined by our status ailment chance score
we can increase stacks aplied per proc through gear and passives

on gear as always we are using the manic slaughter on helmet and chest because its just broken this is way over tuned
giving us 350 increased damage which also scales ailments
weapon and offhand are dagger and catalyst so we can cast our spells gonna go over that in detail in the item section

skills im using are turret to apply poison and bleed because our highest attack damage is toxic and rend
arctic spear with sacred conversion to apply weakness
winters grasp converted into shadow damage to apply curse
these spells also apply shock because our second highest spell damage is lightning preferebly you got sacred spell damage
on gear so you dont need to convert your frost damage to sacred on arctic spear so you would still apply freeze really
helps out with survivability but i lack the perfect gear for that
next up mark of impurity because it increases ailment damage by a ton
and lastly my favorite aether jump this also applies statsis there are 2 skill modifiers on here that aply stasis
we are running both im gonna explain why in the skill section
this build is very flexible tho there are a lot of possible skill and item choice
but yeah lets go over in detail what im using in the items, skills, atributes and passive sections


like i said helmet and chest with damage per unspent rage is the most important
max roll on that is 9%

weapon im using the unique dagger edict for toxic damage to attacks and increased poison damage
if you need more rend you can also run a normal dagger with rend damage on it
its important that our highest attack damage is toxic and rend so equip what you need keep in mind the flat damage
does not matter for ailment damage


with catalyst the only damage increase we can get on here are atributes so im going with one that has 3
support sockets. if you roll enough sacred damage to spells on this and accesories then you dont need to convert
ice spear into sacred and then you would still be able to aply freeze which would be prefered since the crowd control
helps with survivabilty


from most important to least
a minimum of +4 ailment stacks aplied because then we always have at least 5 stacks for our immortal offering
then flat toxic and rend damage to attacks to make those 2 our highest damage type for the turret skill
all atributes plus socket atributes give us increased damage which scales ailments
increased maximum resources comboing with manic slaughter
and last flat sacred damage to spells
like i said if you have enough of that dont convert arctic spear

shoulders and gloves

the only damage increase we can get on here is atributes preferebly wisdom
and all resistance score because it combos with our passive retaliator

if you are using a weapon with slots then you can use amber to increase your toxic and rend damage
so you need less on accesories

defensive slots silverstone for more physical res to increase damage

and support slots with also sliverstone since the total of 40 atributes give us more damage
then the 20 wisdom we could get


i will explain the reason why im not going for burn and shock in the passive section there are some weird interactions
with scaling on elemental ailments

so our main skill is turret which aplies posion and bleed because our gear gives us toxic and rend damage to attacks
the skill itself doesnt deal a lot of damage so the modifiers are only focused on shooting more often with twin repeater
and ballistic reinforcements, im also using autonomous sensors so i can just put it down and not worry about where
im aiming it
also sleeples sentry makes it so they are active for a longer duration

arctic spear
with beauty of hope to aply weakness stacks this makes it so we cant freeze enemies since we dont deal
frost damage, if you have the perfect gear with all the damage increases and additionaly sacred damage to spells
then you dont need this

boon of the usurper and an ominous chill modifiers makes it easier to aply those stacks

the last point does not matter nothing increases our ailment damage and our spell damage is prety abismal

i dont recommend using comet tho since it makes it harder to hit your target
the weakness stacks increase our posoin and bleed damage

next up winters grasp
converting it into shadow damage with concentrated shadow so we can aply curse
this is for crowd control since curse will transfere any ailments to targets around
other modifiers im using are rime world, ice pawn and perma frost for utility

you could also useimmortalized perfection with the shadow convertion this will increase curse time instead of freeze time

and admire from a distance is also viable if you prefere

next skill makr of impurity
increases our ailment damage with defect of creation and big game hunting
weight of infamy triggers our passive node
and guilt by association is for large crowds so we only need to curse one enemy
there would be another ailment node here but we do not need realy need the increased ailment chance

and the last skill ather jump with march of the time devourers and escape artist for utility

the other 2 modifiers are spirits of the void and fragments of aether they each only aply 1 stack of stasis
even with increased ailment stacks aplied i do not know why this is probably a bug but yeah thats why we pick both


evrything into wisdom because we want the ailment chance score we get from it
it starts to fall off the higher you go but we are still investing evrything because its our highest value
which makes it our primary resource so we get 0.5% increased damage per point


first of all
ailment crit does not work so we are not picking up primordial insights that is probably a bug aswell

and secondly elemental ailments like shock and burn are not affected by immortal offering i dont know why they dont scale
with it but it makes those way weaker then poison and bleed
and that is the reason why i dont focus on those even tho they would be also damaging ailments

all the other points are focused on giving us either increased damage or increased ailment damage
nothing else that has specific damage increases scales ailments for example melee weapon damage
projectile damage or attack damage all dont work with ailments

starting of in the scholar tree the only route from the center where we gain ailment and normal damage
picking up resources for our manic slaughter
into the cabalist picking up the 2 nodes for increased maximum stacks
aswell as immortal offering for more damage
picking up any ailment damage node we can get
and grabing grievous afflictions so we can aply 2 ailments at once
power of the first men gives us a chance to double our stacks aplied i have 5 stacks aplied per proc and that proc
has a 50% chance to apliy 10
any of the following damage nodes can be swaped out for insidious decay if you do not have gear with ailment stacks aplied
making our way down into the warmonger grabing manic slaughter
into the ranger tree for persistence hunting
and meditative focus
making our way further down into the warlock for more max resource comboing with manic slaughter
into the praetorian for retaliator
as you can see all those smaller nodes give increased damage scaling our ailments

and thats it for this guide this was the most difficult build ive done so far figuring out the scaling on this build took me forever

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Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

Category: Gameplay

Hi shef!

Ailments are sure a complex thing but it is so satisfying to rebuild every time you find a new item, min-max really means a lot with ailments build!
You could just come and asked us on the discord about the math behind ailments, the last patch is 2 months old, if not 6+ months old if you go back to CP1, no need to hurt yourself testing things, a bit everything has been solved, including scores formulas! ^^

By the way it seems like you need a bit more help on this!

IO affects burn and shock, it's just that the fire buff doesn't work. There's only the fire buff on IO that do not work, every other buffs work just fine I just checked again.

For the gloves and shoulder as you focus on material ailments you should go for the +35% to material damage instead of just attributes and resistance. Same goes for accessories.
There's also the unqiue gloves of support, as it ups the buffs from skills such as the damage bonus from ice nova/concumming ember/thunderstrike it could also be excellent in this build.
Also I don't know why you don't use any of these spell buffs, you're using the unique dagger like me to not have to have a rotation in your gameplay and you have little to no flat spell damage, so it's not a big deal to include them, no? Just with the shadow nova you could gain a permanent x1.1 ^^

Good luck with this build!

Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

oooohhhh ok well i gotta test thunder then. but i think i also only had 2k shock ticks on thunder. the material damage does not increase poison damage right? also the buff from consuming ember didnt seem to affect burn damage. also flat spell damage didnt seem to have an effect?
but if thats true what ur saying i definitly gotta play around more with it
thx for the reply

Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

Well I tested material damage before posting my previous message and it affected bleed, there is no reason that it doesn't also affect poison, as toxic is also a material damage type.
I also checked about burn and from my tests (applying a fixed amount of burn with a staff attack in adept, see how many it procs and while it procs cast the buff without any +x% damage per rage unspent) everything worked just fine (exept ofc the fire buff from IO lel).

Shock has a low base damage because it'll do some little additional procs for each shocked ennemies around (It seems to have a maximum of targets though, but just if there 3-4 ennemies affected by shock it starts to be really good), I've never really tried to see how much these little procs deal as it's hard for little knowledge to see that, but one thing for sure is that shock and burn are more designed to clear the way to the boss and they do their job really well ^^

No flat damage spell/attacks got no impact on ailments. I was talking about your spell flat damage because of the ailment order, as spells buffs adds even more damage of a specific type you may have to play with a rotation in your build or with really specific affixes, especially when you play with direct damage + dots, but like I said you don't seem to play with this so it's another reason to take these spells modifiers ^^

Have a nice day!

(Edited 4 years, 3 months ago)

Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

so elemental damage also affects burn and shock i guess? huh maybe elemental ailment build is viable aswell then

ah ok so you mean using those buffs to increase the damage on turret itself not the ailment?
i didnt go for it because i wanted the modifiers to make it easier to aply curse

Created: 4 years, 3 months ago

Hello there!

I just picked up the game and I would love some help in understanding a dot build... those have been my all time favorite.

Can you guys walk me through the passived to get? for example Insiduous Decay - does that mean I can apply 2 shocks?

is there a discord or something with people interested in this game?

Thanks in advance.

Created: 4 years, 2 months ago

Thanks to Grievious Afflication we can stack two ailments. Say Poison and Rend. You're talking about also applying Curse and Statis, how come? Isn't that 4 ailments at once? I'm not sure I get it.

Created: 4 years, 1 month ago

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