"avenger" autoturret build

servus shef here this time with the final version of my turret build

so what this build does is we use residual energy buff that gives us in total with our gear 75% additional damage
i tested it again and we can have 2 rings with the same buff both do trigger
and that buff gives us depending on the spell we used different damage types
ice spear with the sacred convertion to aply weakness
then winters grasp with shadow convertion to proc curse
and the last spell aether jump because we can take the modifier spirits of the void to deal ather damage
that will proc residual energy and give us a chance to aply stasis
and with all those ailments we buff our selves with immortal offering
for each stack of a different ailment we have aplied we gain 25% additional damage this takes our total attack
damage and adds 25% of the corresponding ailment damage type

and then we are using mark of impurity for a huge damage gain and also to make it more likely to aply aflictions

i have tried to use the unique belt the trial to automaticly aply the mark and use another spell to get yet another
immortal offering buff but its overall a damage decrease since we miss out on the added flat damage you would get from any
other belt
since we have so many buffs that scale with our total damage its very important that we get our base damage as high as possible
even only 20 added flat damage results in around 2k in the end
since we take our flat damage increase that with manic slaughter and any other damage increases like atributes or matrial damage
and then we get all those additive buffs like residual energy and immortal offering

i also want to mention that this build is extremely versitile you could use any attack skill to deal damage
and any other spell to transform your damage type with the exception of fire and frost
currently burn does trigger immortal offering but it does not give you any damage what soever it is bugged at the moment
and with freeze i never get the immortal offering buff so keep that in mind
the reason why i chose the skills that i did is because of mobility as you can see i dont have to stand still to cast
any of my skills which in high champ level is a must. with that said you dont need to do champion level this is just
a personal challenge and doesnt affect items quality or drop rate what so ever

alright so with the introduction out of the way lets go over the details in the items, skills, atributes and passive sections


has to be either a dagger or a pistol to be able to cast mark of impurity
on stats we are looking for 3 flat damage increases, crit damage, and 3 sockets

the unique the macksfesten enneract for another residual energy buff

with also another residual energy affix
and preferebly 3 flat attack rolls crit damage and socket

with additional ailment stacks aplied and also 3 flat attack damage crit damage and socket

with the same stats as all the other accesories
and depending on which difficulty you play either ailment stacks aplied for low level grinding
since we will be oneshoting enemies at that level we want to imidiatly aply all 5 stacks needed for the immortal offering buff
and pierce for high champ because it takes a few shots to kill enemies aplying ailments shouldnt be an issue

gloves and shoulders
with increased material damage
rage and willpower cost reduction
and ferocity
if you drop gear with wisdom on it that is ok aswell since we would otherwise spend a few points in it to aply ailment
more easely

chest and helmet
as always with the manic slaughter affix this is the highest damage increase in the game highest roll on it is 9%
and if you can we are also looking for either ferocity or wisdom and transfere time reduction but getting 9% on manic
slaughter is the most important

with transfer time and cooldown reduction
aswell as ferocity or wisdom and
preferebly with at least 1 socket

with mocespeed and ferocity

in offensive slots we want anything with flat damage so either aetherite, silverstone, or sapphire
highest roll on these are 8-12
defensive slots with 1 sapphire for some leech others copperstone those only matter for low level grinding
since on the higher difficulty we get one shot anyways
and support slots with silverston since the total 40 atributes we get from that are more damage then the 20 primary atribute
from the other gems


main attack skill
like i said in the intro any attack skill is viable since we can proc residual energy on any of those
you can see in the top right if its an attack skill and if you either need the dagger or the pistol to be able to cast it
i am using the turret skill because it has the highest mobility
with the modifiers high calibre, twin repeater, and ballistic, for more dps and autonomous sensors for utility
for high champ levels other viable skills are
arrows wail
gunslingers brand
and havoc orb
they all have good damage and decent mobility


and with spells as well choose the one you prefere im going with
arctic spear
with the modifiers beuty of hope to transfere it into sacred damage
an ominous chill to proc the ailment more often since the weakness stacks themselves also increase our damage
crystal javelin for more damage the ice spears also deal decent damage and i spam them to stay at max rage
and boon of the usurper to spam it more often
you could use comet ballista instead for more damage but then they are harder to land

next one winters grasp
with concentrated shadow to convert it to shadow to aply curse
ice pawn to spam it more often
and hail the ice queen for a small additional damage buff

and the last spell aether jump
with spirits of the void so it procs our residual energy buff
and march of the time devoureres this makes this skill very smooth to use
the other modifiers are preference im going with fragments of the aether and escape artist

the final skill we are using is mark of impurity
we gain a lot of damage with the modifiers target eliminated and big game hunting
minimal resistance makes it easier to gain our immortal offering buffs
and guilt by association makes it so we only need to aply it oncer per enemy group

you can also use other spells to get different residual energy buffs with the exception of burn and freeze
since those dont work with immortal offering
options are:
anhiliation for either statis or converted into toxic for poison
consuming embers converted into lighting for shock
or thunderstrke for shock or curse

our primary atribute is ferocity because of the increased crit chance so we wanna put as much into that as we can
each point in the primary atribute gives us 0.5% increased damage

and our secondary atriubte is wisdom so its easier to proc our immortal offering buff
im going for around 20% chance to aply an ailment but feel free to go higher or lower if you prefere
secondary atribute gives us 0.4% increased damage per point

the highest and second highest value on your atributes decides if its your primary or secondary


starting off in the soldier grabing every crit damage node in this area and major node the wild card for crit chance

going down into the cablist picking up immortal offering like i said this does not work with burn or freeze
im not going for grivious afflictions because because immortal offering adds damage from any buff we gained
so our second highest damage type will only be the one where we already gained and immortal offering buff from
but since we could then refresh our immortal offering buff this would be a good choice if you struggle
with keeping all the buffs up
i tested insidious decay so i could free up an accesory slot but the damage debuff seems to be multiplactive
when i used this i had a huge damage loss
next up 1 point into the scholar to get into the assins tree for merciless lethality
continuing in the scholar tree picking up increased max rage and attrition strategist for increased
ailment chance
into the preatorian to get the 2 crit damage nodes in there
1 point into sentinel to get into the warlock tree
picking up residual energy
this buff is scaling with your attack damage not spell damage which i always thought was phrased weird on this node
the way i read it i would always thing it would take the percent from your spell damage but it doesnt
and the last few points spent in duty to exterminate for even more max rage

and thats it for this build guide i cant believe how strong this turret build has gotten

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took a screenshot of the gear im currently using

Created: 4 years, 5 months ago

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