Bloody Ranger experimantal bow build

Build Info:
I'm using gear from my old build with elemental dmg where this build is made for material dmg so with good gear your dmg should be higher. This is first version of build so i will update it in future if i find any improvments.

Build works around basic atack dmg. You run in to mobs and cast mark of impurity, then turet then duskshroud and basic atack . Mob die mark of imurity spread and 5th basick atack do 500% more dmg in aoe on mobs with mark on it. For boss's death lazer gun.

Passive tree

  1. Material dmg (rend dmg best)
  2. Items:
    armors: material dmg/ dodge/ cooldown
    weapon material dmg/crit
    jewelery/ crit chance/ transfer time
  3. 2x mark of impruity one for trash and one for boss's

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Created: 2 years, 6 months ago

Category: Gameplay

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