Deathgazer Build for Patch with Trial belt Giveaway on 04/25/2021

The above link is my guide on my latest build using Deathgazer. I have others but this is by far my favorite and most damaging one to date. If you are interested please check out the vid or if you just want a chance to win a Trial belt check it out.

Pro's and Cons to build

Pro - Crit guaranteed almost everytime you cast deathgazer without having to invest in Crit Chance
- No need to stack cooldown on armor as skill has no cooldown
- No need for stacking of Transfer between willpower and rage, having some is nice but not needed.
- All points go into Toughness as Gates of Fate will provide immense power to deathgazer.
- Build is very versatile and easy to complete as soon as level 60
- Crit hit for very high damage in the millions.
- Eventually once your gear is better and damage output for deathgazer reaches 9ok plus you will be able to one shot or rather one skillcast kill

Con - you can get interrupted when casting deathgazer as it takes a little time to charge and leaves you a bit vulnerable.

Hope you enjoy the build as well as the giveaway.


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Very nice build. I have a similar build using pistol (shoot from far away to build rage) with evasion skill instead of aether blade. Dusk Shroud restores shield; adds shadow damage and curse; and becomes invisible so even bosses ignore player. Best build until next nerf lolz. Clear 217 in less than 3 minutes (4 min on average).

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Created: 1 year, 7 months ago

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