Dual wield Pistol and Shield - Melee damage bonus

anyone knows if the "+x% melee damage" or "+x% melee weapon damage" nodes in gate of fates should increase the attack damage when wielding shield + pistol?
The attack is tagged as "Basic attack, Projectile, Melee " but for some reason when I add / remove + melee weapon damage it doesn't affect the damge.

Also, for some reason the pistol damage is reduced significantly ( about x5 when you equip the shield ), I guess it's calculating the damage per projectile, is this a bug? or is it intended?

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Created: 2 years, 2 months ago

Category: Gameplay

Hi !

I also use this kind of build since the bloodtrail release. Very fun and powerful =)

I think that the basic attack being tagged both "Melee" and "Projectile" means that you can use both projectile and melee skills, but the attack itself remains a projectile. If adding a "melee damage" node does not impact the damage output of the basic attack, well, it's surely because it's not considered as melee ^^

That being said, bugs are a reality in Wolcen, so a confirmation by the team that this is what is intented would be welcome =)

About the damage, it indeed corresponds to the damage per projectile. When you equip a shield and a gun, you fire 5 projectiles at once in a cone, and if you display normal damage in the options, you will see that the actual damage dealt to ennemies by each projectile seems to correspond. Other skills based on weapon damage are not impacted, as well as the "average damage" stat in your character sheet.

Hope that this will help you, have fun !

Created: 2 years, 2 months ago

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